Kundalini Yoga Edmonton
Welcome to Kundalini Yoga Edmonton with Jagpal Kaur (Judy)
Kundalini Yoga is known as the ‘yoga of awareness’.  
It encompasses five components in every class:  opening, kriya (set of yoga postures),  relaxation, meditation & closing.  
Kundalini Yoga is about connecting with yourself, accepting yourself & where you are in the moment, whatever your ability or limitations.
The science of kundalini yoga combines angles, breath, sound, postures to move the energy through your body while focusing on specific areas within your body
(for example, lymphatic system, spine or lungs).
For males and females, older adults/seniors, adults, teens, children & families.
The classes for families, children and seniors may be altered slightly
to accommodate the needs of each group.
Serving Edmonton and Sherwood Park
780.705.4228 Edm office
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